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Hello, my name is Vadim.

My hobby - make video games. I like to create new stories and create game universes, characters and story for them. And realize all this in the code to see how my ideas come to life, they become something more than just the program's text in the editor.

My goal - to work in a company where I can realize myself. Where are my ideas and solutions can grow and see the world, to bring the fun and challenge for many players.

About Me

Year of birth: 1983.

Education: Zhitomir Institute of Information Technology, the Kharkiv Institute of Finance and Economics.

Work experience: since 2002.

Marital status: Married, no children.

Region: Zhytomyr region, ready to move.

My skills

Programming languages: C #, ActionScript3, Javascript, PHP, HTML, SQL, CSS.

Technology: Unity3D, Flash, Web.

SVN: git.

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English: written - intermediate level, conversational - basic level.

Completed projects:

WhidFruit TJ and Pillars of Force TJ and Hollow of Endless TJ and Blocks of Color Jewel Swipe StarFrog Train Heist HardcoRoom 1 or 2

Projects in development:

Lost Coil

Greedy Heroes

Chibi vs Evile

Sleeping Seeds

Contact Information

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